This information is provided as is, and is only intended to provide links to the material as provided by the State of Nevada. This page is not intended as a training, or as providing the member with the definitive information regarding workers compensation. Should you need legal advice or have questions regarding workers comp, they should be directed to the City of Las Vegas Human Resources Department – Winny Wallen 702-229-4011, and or to your union officers. Thank you!

Injured Employees

This WCS Web page provides quick reference for employees and other interested parties. It is a one-stop compilation of the most helpful WCS Web links with information about Nevada’s Workers’ Compensation System from a worker’s perspective. Of particular note are the links to

The link below provides a copy of our WCS complaint forms for sending a complaint to WCS about problems with Nevada insurers or third party administrators.

Complaint Form

Below you will be able to find the C1, C3, and C4 forms necessary for a workers comp claim. These must be filled out and turned into the appropriate City personnel (Currently Sharron Menno):

C-1 Form – Employee fills this one out. Must be completed and submitted within 7 days of diagnosis.

C-4 Form – Doctor at treatment center, or hospital will fill this out. They should have them, but this is just in case.